Stenstrom provides the following services: Real Estate Development, General Contracting, Construction Management, Concrete, Blacktop, Excavation, Blacktop, Excavation, Petroleum Services and Snow Removal. We are successful in the work we do because of our ability and desire to take on exciting and challenging new projects. We have initiative. We explore innovative ideas and seek better solutions. We are enthusiastic, hardworking and committed to quality, excellence and client satisfaction.

We maintain those qualities throughout our company by offering our employees continuous learning opportunities through Stenstrom University. Stenstrom University offers a wide range of educational experiences and resources for our employees, including:

  • Instructor-led courses
  • Online courses
  • Webinars
  • Simulations

Employees complete Individual Learning Plans to help them create goals and reach their full potential not only as a valued Stenstrom employee, but also as a person.

Our industries are constantly changing and challenging us in new and exciting ways. By continually gaining knowledge and experience, we ensure our ability to rise to those challenges.

One way our industry is changing, is through Green buildings. They are good for the environment and provide a long-term benefit to building owners and tenants. We employ LEED-accredited professionals and Green Associates that follow the LEED rating system in our sustainable projects.

As with any of our projects, sustainable buildings require close collaboration between the contractor, the architects and the client to ensure appropriate decisions regarding scheduling, materials and processes are made so the project is delivered with the maximum possible value and quality.

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