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Stenstrom is committed to building and supervising the construction of every project in a safe and efficient manner. Stenstrom places the safety of our employees, as well as everyone else involved in the project, as paramount to the overall construction process. This requires commitment, planning, clearly defined policies, and a strict culture that involves every person employed by Stenstrom.

We have progressive safety programs and techniques, we continually apply innovative processes and the latest technology. Combined with our award-winning program, we empower our people and project partners to embrace a safety culture based on people.

Our focus on safety benefits projects through reduced insurance and bonding costs.

We have been honored by Associated General Contractors Safety Excellence Award for the last 10 years and from Insurance Company for being in the top class for safety in our industry.

The effectiveness of safety programs can be measured against the Experience Modification Rate (EMR), which is a rating calculated by the National Council of Compensation Insurance.

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