Stenstrom began earning its solid reputation for craftsmanship and quality construction more than 70 years ago. Since then, our clients have trusted us to build countless industrial, commercial, affordable housing and institutional buildings throughout the region. Schools, churches, hospitals, municipal buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, auto dealerships, warehouses and gas stations have all benefited from Stenstrom's decades of management, supervision and construction expertise.

agc logoOur reputation for completing tough projects with demanding time and budget constraints stems in part from the tools we use. We support our crews in the field with modern, innovative equipment. We supply our office personnel with the latest computer systems for accounting, estimating, job cost and billing. This consistent policy of reinvestment enables us to work harder, faster and smarter and serve our clients better.

Choosing the best delivery method for your project can be an arduous task, but it doesn't have to be. Depending on project needs, your desire for involvement in decisions and your level of comfort and preferences for managing risk, there is a delivery system that is right for you. We're comfortable acting either as an agent for our clients or assuming greater risk and taking contractual responsibility for the project.

Contact us today to determine the right delivery method for your project. We'll find the best way to take your project from concept to completion, while saving you time and money.

Construction Management as Agent

Acting as a representative of the owner, the construction manager oversees and coordinates various project aspects, including bidding, subcontractor selection, and project administration, while the owner retains control over contracts and financial matters.

Construction Management at Risk

In this model, the construction manager assumes responsibility for both project management and construction, typically through a single contract, thereby sharing project risks and potential cost overruns with the owner.

Cost Plus

Under this arrangement, the owner compensates the contractor for the actual costs of construction plus an agreed-upon fee or percentage, providing transparency and flexibility throughout the project.

Design Build

With design build, a single entity assumes responsibility for both design and construction phases, streamlining communication, reducing conflicts, and often accelerating project delivery.

Guaranteed Maximum Price

In this system, the contractor commits to completing the project within a pre-established maximum price, providing cost certainty to the owner while assuming the risk for any cost overruns.

Lump Sum General Contracting

The contractor agrees to complete the project for a fixed price, as stipulated in the contract, providing the owner with cost predictability and transferring the risk of cost overruns to the contractor.

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