Stenstrom Petroleum Services Group is a regional leader in providing Service, Environmental Compliance & Testing, Construction, and Parts for petroleum systems. With many experienced service technicians, numerous construction crews and 24-hour emergency response we are your full-service partner for petroleum services.


Stenstrom Petroleum utilizes the latest technology to provide prompt and professional service. Our team's communication is enhanced by the latest GPS software which allows us to dispatch the nearest technician to minimize costs and down time. Stenstrom also utilizes tablet software to ensure real time reconciliation of inventory to guarantee that our fully stocked service trucks can make the repairs during the initial visit. Stenstrom Petroleum provides service to Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Stenstrom Petroleum Services acquired Evora Energy in Grimes, Iowa. Evora Energy offers service in Iowa, Eastern Nebraska, and Western Illinois. Learn more about Evora Energy at

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  • Automatic Tank Gauges
  • Calibrations
  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Fueling Dispensers
  • Hanging Hardware
  • Insurance Claims
  • Leak Detection
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Submersible Pumps

Environmental Compliance & Testing


protanic logoStenstrom Petroleum provides a variety of Environmental Compliance and Testing services to ensure your facility is operating safely and within required regulations. Protanic, a pioneer in this field that remains the industry leader in locating the source of petroleum leaks serves as Stenstrom Petroleum’s compliance division. Protanic’s proprietary engineering and innovative products keep Stenstrom’s fuel system customers in compliance through testing, training and affordable solutions to ensure fuel lines and tanks run efficiently and safely. Stenstrom also acquired Purpora Engineering, the industry leader in training and equipment for tank testing, pipeline testing and vapor recovery. Purpora helps contractors, oil companies and regulators achieve a cleaner, safer, less polluted environment.

  • All State Regulated Testing
  • Annual Inspection
  • Cathodic Protection - Testing
  • Emergency Stop Testing
  • Inspection of Shear Valves
  • Interstitial Testing
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  • Leak Detection Testing
  • Monthly Inspection
  • Product Line Testing
  • Secondary Containment Testing
  • Sump Sensor Testing
  • Tank Testing


Stenstrom Petroleum Services Group is recognized as a leader in installation of fuel handling systems and equipment. Our goal is to provide quality installations in the most time efficient manner possible. We do this through a systematic approach to construction and the use of a variety of technologies to find the best layout to maximize land usage while planning for the future. We also focus on providing the most efficient design possible to allow you to receive a return on your investment. Stenstrom will also work with you to finance your project to allow your business the flexibility you need when starting your project.

  • Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
  • DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fuel)
  • Ethanol Conversions
  • Fleet Fueling
  • Fueling Dispensers
  • Generator Tank Fueling Systems
  • Manhole Replacement
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Tank Monitoring
  • Tank Top Improvements
  • Under Ground Storage Tanks

Vacuum Truck Services 

Our certified petroleum technicians are able to remove liquids and solids from your spill buckets, tank containment, and dispenser sumps. Our process is quick, efficient, and safe, and the breadth of our services provides our customers with increased efficiencies and significant reduction in overall costs. Stenstrom Petroleum Services Group is the only company in Illinois that can perform Construction, Service, Environmental Compliance, and Vacuum Truck Services. Our Vacuum Truck Services Include:

• Liquid and solid removal from spill buckets, tank containment, and dispenser sumps
• Oil water separator cleanouts
• Car wash cleanouts
• Transportation and disposal in accordance with state and federal environmental regulations
• Sample retention for compliance purposes
• Leading-edge equipment with 3,200 gallon capacity
• Hydrostatic containment testing


Stenstrom Petroleum maintains two fully stocked warehouses to ensure that our customers have the ability to purchase the parts they need. Our warehouses are stocked based on the purchasing habits of our customers and critical parts that are required to keep facilities operating. This type of analysis allows our inventory to change as our customer's needs change keeping us in line with their goals.

Call for great deals on high-quality products from trusted manufacturers. We are a service provider/distributor for all the major brands included, but not limited to brands shown below.

  • Wayne
  • Gilbarco
  • Veeder Root
  • VeriFone
  • Gasboy
  • Husky
  • OPW
  • Red Jacket
  • FE Petro
  • Morrison
  • Catlow
  • Graco

Commitment and quality service are required at all levels of the petroleum industry and you can be assured Stenstrom will deliver. Stenstrom Petroleum Services involvement with PEI, IPMA, IPECA, and WPMA serves as proof of our dedication to the industry.


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